Arresting, powerful and entirely her own, CHMBRS is the solo project of Melbourne based musician Aimee Chambers. There’s an immediate energy to CHMBRS’ sound, executed with precision and unwavering passion.

CHMBRS describes her first time playing piano as greeting an old friend, the potential she felt aged 8 fueling what has now become her life’s purpose.                                                

The single Rabbit Hole will be the first original piece of work by CHMBRS to enter the world, a particularly special song in that it served as the catalyst for the creation of the project.

“When I wrote “Rabbit Hole” I was in a very hard place,” she reveals. “I had no idea what kind of artist I wanted to be, but when I wrote the song all the pieces fell together. As the track wrote itself I found my purpose.”

The track, much like the rest of the songs on the upcoming EP, evokes a poignant mood, translating complex emotions into stunning, and at times heartbreaking lyrics. Songwriting is both a liberating and intense experience for CHMBRS, but one that ultimately provides her with the willpower to persevere in the face of life’s challenges.

CHMBRS is an artist confident in her creative vision, establishing a strong identity that will no doubt ensure success in achieving her long-term goals. CHMBRS is dreaming big – both here in Australia and on the international stage.

Possessing a remarkable authenticity and sensitivity, CHMBRS is ready to embark on a career that will allow her to provide musical counsel to those going through dark times. In CHMBRS’ own words: “My hope is to be able to give comfort, healing and clarity to others the way my music does for me.”